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 MASK23 - Air Filter Mask
To prevent inhalation of noxious fumes and powders. ..
Ex Tax: £2.21
CLEAN23 - Glass Cleaner
660ml. An excellent quality aerosol product. ..
Ex Tax: £3.60
CUT23 - K Star Supercutter
A high quality, low priced tungsten carbide cutter with swivel head. ..
Ex Tax: £14.50
CUT24 - K Star Pistol Grip Cutter
A comfortable, easy-grip tungsten carbide cutter. ..
Ex Tax: £20.00
CUT26 - 300mm Cutting Square
The smallest of our three cutting squares. ..
Ex Tax: £3.60
CUT36 - Dragon Supercutter
An alternative oil fed cutter, cheaper than the K star supercutter. ..
Ex Tax: £5.50
CUT39 - Glastar Circle & Strip Cutter
Cuts borders, rectangles and circles quickly. ..
Ex Tax: £32.00
GLASS23 - Safety Glasses
For general purpose use. ..
Ex Tax: £2.30
GLOVE82 - Fusing Gloves
Kevlar outer layer with an inner cotton layer for protection against kiln heat and hot glass. ..
Ex Tax: £33.21
GLUE23 - Fuser's Superglue
Quick-drying superglue, fuses without leaving residue. Sold as 50ml ..
Ex Tax: £18.95
GLUE24 - General Fuser's Glue
Slower drying than Fuser's superglue, ideal for frit application and Pate De Verre. Sold as 118ml. ..
Ex Tax: £5.55
GRIND37 - Abrasive Hand Pad
60 grit, for smoothing any rough edges on your glasswork. ..
Ex Tax: £15.00
KILN29 - Shelf Support
40mm x 40mm x 25mm deep. ..
Ex Tax: £1.10
PAPER23 - Shelf Paper
Longer lasting than our previous shelf paper. Does not stick to glass. Sold as 1000mm x 610mm. ..
Ex Tax: £6.00
PAPER26 - Papyros Shelf Paper
Papyros Paper is specially formulated to maintain its strength and integrity through several firings..
Ex Tax: £2.35
PLIER23 - Grozers
Essential all-round pliers with spring-loaded serrated jaws. ..
Ex Tax: £3.60
PLIER24 - Cut Runners
Steel pliers with a cushioned curved jaw, adjustable for various thicknesses of glass. Used for repe..
Ex Tax: £6.50
PLIER26 - Ringstar Breakers
Excellent for breaking difficult cuts such as inside curves. Very gentle, does not damage the glass...
Ex Tax: £19.50
PLIER29 - Plastic Cut Runners
A less expensive version of the steel cut runners. Made of plastic. ..
Ex Tax: £3.50
PTW - White Tile Back Paint 250ml
Perfect for splash backs and tiles. Intended for use when applying glass to a wall, so to avoid unsi..
Ex Tax: £19.03
SPRAY23 - Safety Spray
A liquid that can be brushed or sprayed onto your finished glass piece to create a protective film, ..
Ex Tax: £26.00
SPRAYA - Spray A
An over glaze which is applied to the surface of glass and refired to remedy devitrification. Sold a..
Ex Tax: £17.15
TIN22 - Tin Detector
This shows the tin side of float glass by shining the UV light on the surface. Gives a foggy appeara..
Ex Tax: £70.00
WIRE22 - High Temperature Wire 0.5mm
0.5mm wire can be fused between two pieces of glass to make hangers or used as a decorative statemen..
Ex Tax: £3.15
WIRE36 - High Temperature Wire 1.5mm
1.15mm wire can be used to support glass in the kiln. Sold in 3 metre rolls. ..
Ex Tax: £5.15
CUT38 - Mosaic and Glass Cutters
Mosaic and glass cutters ..
Ex Tax: £7.50